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Poor guy!!
After a long season of travel capped off by a thrilling performance at the Rolex Kentucky CCI**** last weekend, Buck Davidson arrived home to his Riegelsville, Pa., farm “with a real bang,” yesterday, April 29. The new camper he’d bought less than two weeks prior was completely destroyed in a fire almost as soon as he pulled onto the property.
Buck Davidson's friend and fellow competitor Hawley Bennett documented the fire, which completely gutted the camper, with her mobile phone.

While backing the camper into a parking spot, Davidson severed the propane connection, and the vehicle immediately caught fire. Fortunately, several friends shouted warnings at him through the window.

“I thought I’d just burst an air hose, but they were yelling, ‘Get out, get out!’ ” Davidson said. “Luckily, my dog happened to be right there on the passenger seat in front. I grabbed him and took about three steps, and the whole thing exploded. If he’d been back in the back, I would have gone back to get him, and neither one of us would have made it.”

No one was injured in the incident, and the barn, horses and other vehicles in the area were safe. But Davidson lost almost all his personal effects, including his entire wardrobe, his computer and a significant amount of cash. He’s now without a home as well, and is still waiting to see what his insurance policy will replace.

“All that stuff’s material,” Davidson said. “I worked for it before, and I’ll work for it again. The important thing is that everybody’s fine, and [my horses] are fine. Things could be worse. There are people way worse off than me.”

Davidson did note that the ribbons and prizes he won at Rolex Kentucky are safe, having gone home with his horses’ owners, Carl and Cassie Segal. The Segals, along with other friends and family, are rallying behind Davidson to help him get back on his feet before he heads to the Jersey Fresh CCI***/** (N.J.) next weekend.

“I can get a hotel at Jersey Fresh, but right now I’m homeless,” Davidson admitted good-naturedly. “If people want to help, I’ll certainly take it.

“Send flowers,” he added jokingly.

To contact Davidson about donations, visit
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Mike Winters horse, Kingpin had to be put down after a jump.

ETA: Kingpin was not put down, he collapsed after he landed the jump. They are thinking it was some sort of internal rupture.
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is tired and having an AWESOME time at the Rolex!!
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is enjoying the horse inspections at the Rolex! See pictures on my Face book page.
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I'm leaving tomorrow night to go to Kentucky. I'm going to the Rolex!!
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only one and a half working days until we leave for the Rolex!!!!!
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Three days until we leave for the Rolex!


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