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Since Halloween is right around the corner...
There was a post on [ profile] sf_drama last night about creepy stories, legends, etc...
I shared one of mine:

When I was 15, I babysat for two little girls ages 8 and 11. Their house was directly across the street from a cemetery. This never really bothered me though because I lived in a neighborhood on the south side of Chicago that was practically bordered with cemeteries on all sides. (we actually used to ride our bikes in the cemeteries when we were kids).

Anyway, their parents owned a restaurant/bar so they usually worked pretty late on Friday's and Saturday's. This happened on a Friday night. I had put the kids down for the night at about 10:00pm. They were pretty wound up this particular night and I had a hard time getting them to sleep. I finally got them both to lay down in their parent's bed. I read them a story and off they went to dream land.
I went back downstairs to the family room to watch tv and raid the fridge, typical babysitter activities. I ended up falling asleep on the couch and was woken up at about 12:30am by the sound of someone running around upstairs. I was a little aggravated because it had taken me so long to get the girls to go to bed and now they were up goofing off. I put my "stern face" on and went upstairs. The bedroom door was still pulled closed so I thought I would push it open and yell "boo", or something to catch them in the act. Well, I flung the door open and they were both sound asleep....just as I'd left them.
I went back down stairs. I thought I must have been dreaming when I'd heard the running. I had fallen asleep to "Are You Afraid of the Dark", after all. I sat back down on the couch and not three minutes later I heard someone running around upstairs again. It scared the shit out of me. To make mattes worse, the dog started barking in the general direction of the stairs. Then I heard heavy footsteps walking down the stairs. I could not see the stairs from where I was sitting. I honestly did not know what to do. In the back of my mind I kept repeating that line from that old movie "Have you checked the children?"
I called the police and the aunt who lived nearby.
I then gathered every ounce of courage that I had and ran up the stairs and grabbed the kids. We went and sat on the front porch until the police came. They checked the entire house and found nothing.
To this day, I still have no idea what happened that night. No one ever brought it up again. I'm pretty sure it was a ghost. What else could it have been?
As a side note, I did still babysit for these people but I would make the kids sleep on the couch near me.

Now, tell me yours!  I LOVE scary stuff!  I was up all night after reading Dionaea House
Heres the link to the sf_drama post in case anyone is interested:


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